New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Discover our new robes and pajamas, handmade in Hamburg, Germany.

Men's English Velvet Smoking Caps and Robes

The classic velvet smoker hat traditionally handmade with tassels and silk lining. Discover our collection below:

mens english gentleman velvet smoking cap tasseled smoker hat victorian traditional vintage style

velvet smoking cap for men victorian gentleman smoker hat 19th century vintage style

gentleman velvet smoking cap burgundy mens smoker hat tasseled victorian style traditional

mens english velvet smoking cap edwardian victorian era smoker hat vintage style traditional

mens english paisley silk dressing gown and gentleman velvet smoking cap

Our gold paisley and navy blue silk dressing gown with matching smoking cap

A smoking cap is the classic add-on for your dressing gown, smoking jacket or pajamas to complete the traditional 19th century look. We make each smoking cap by hand and our designs are completely customizable.

You can choose a matching velvet smoking jacket-style robe for your cap:

mens velvet cigar smoking jacket warm quilted smoker robe vintage english style

Smoking jacket in dark emerald green with black satin silk. Finished with hand-stitched quilting and matching green piping. Fully lined. Price: 320,00 EUR

mens dark blue velvet smoking jacket with quilted silk collar english cigar smoker robe gentleman vintage style

Warm and soft navy blue cotton velvet smoking jacket with fine burgundy silk quilting and full lining.  Price: 320,00 EUR

mens burgundy velvet smoking jacket dark red quilted silk collar smoker robe dressing gown english gentleman style

Luxurious cotton velvet smoking jacket in dark burgundy with hand-stitched quilted black satin silk. Fully lined in soft gold satin silk. Price: 320,00 EUR

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New: Home Decor

Luxury Dressing Gowns and Smoking Jackets by Baturina Homewear

Discover timeless style and luxurious comfort in Baturina Homewear's collections of dressing gowns, smoking jackets, pajamas and more. Inspired by vintage menswear, the traditional morning robe and classic PJs are reimagined as modern day luxury loungewear pieces.

Baturina Homewear's collections are valued for highest craftsmanship and timeless design. The company is a family business from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 2012. Ever since the Hamburg-based fashion studio became one of the top suppliers of high-end men's silk robes and pajamas.
The garments are made from luxurious silk jacquard, cotton velvet and wool in timelessly elegant paisley patterns and rich colors. Each design is made with love for details and showcases hand-stitched quilting, piping, tassels and monogram embroidery.

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