New Arrivals

New Arrivals
Discover our new robes and pajamas, handmade in Hamburg, Germany.

Men's Warm Velvet Dressing Gown and Smoking Jacket Robe

In the late 19th century​ dressing gowns and smoking jackets became a must-have for the modern gentleman. These garments had mainly two functions: keeping warm at home and protecting a suit from tobacco smoke and ash.
They were often fashioned in heavy and thick velvet and quilted silk. Piping, monogram embroidery and tassels were common decorations for dressing and smoking robes.

New collection of velvet dressing gowns, smoking jackets and pajamas

Mens black velvet dressing gown warm quilted silk robe smoking jacket

The classic black velvet dressing gown with matching quilted accents and burgundy lining and tasseled waist-tie. It's velvet main body is very durable, thick, warm and heavy. The perfect wardrobe upgrade for a relaxed weekend at home during cold seasons. 

Our collection features matching silk pajamas to wear underneath your dressing gown or smoking jacket.

Mens smoking jacket robe black velvet quilted silk dressing gown

This mid-thigh smoking jacket version has the same comfort and warmth as the long dressing gown. With a soft and thick velvet main body, hand-stitched quilting and silky lining, our black cotton velvet robes have all the style and comfort you'll ever need. 

Mens velvet dressing gown dark green quilted silk robe long warm

This long dark green cotton velvet and black satin silk dressing gown has an elegant color palette with timeless look and feel. Collar, cuffs and pockets are entirely hand-stitched and finished with piping.

Mens velvet dressing gown quilted silk robe smoking jacket navy blue

A classic robe in the perfect shade of deep navy blue. It's fully cotton lined and has hand-stitched quilted silk accents. Simply fasten with the long tasseled waist-tie. One of our all-time favorite designs. 

Like all our robes, you can order this one in the style of a short smoking jacket or full length dressing gown and add a monogram.

Mens blue velvet smoking robe quilted silk dressing gown long warm vintage housecoat

Lightweight navy blue silk velvet and quilted silk dressing gown, 320,00 EUR

Silk pajamas set, 180,00 EUR

A different take on the classic navy blue design, this one is made from lightweight silk velvet. It features a silver colored quilted silk shawl collar with an extra fine pattern. Collar, cuffs and pockets are finished with burgundy contrast piping. The robe is fully cotton lined.

mens burgundy velvet smoking jacket quilted dark red robe traditional warm dressing gown cotton silk bathrobe

Burgundy velvet smoking robe with black silk collar and gold lining, 320,00 EUR

Warm and heavy cotton velvet smoking jacket with an iconic color palette: burgundy, black and gold. It has hand-stitched quilted silk details and is fully lined in luxurious satin silk.

Mens velvet dressing gown paisley silk smoking robe quilted housecoat

You can find all kinds of classic dressing gown and smoking jacket styles in our collection: warm and heavy velvet, heavy brocade paisley silk, lightweight silk.

Mens red silk dressing gown blue velvet robe warm quilted smoking jacket

This warm and soft dressing gown is another variation of the navy blue velvet design. Made from heavy cotton velvet in a deep shade of navy blue and featuring a burgundy quilted silk contrast collar, finished with gold piping and burgundy silk lining.

Mens red velvet smoking robe quilted silk dressing gown dark blue gentleman's housecoat

The new burgundy velvet design has a navy blue contrast silk shawl collar and striped piping. It's one of the most popular robes from our collection. The extra soft and warm cotton velvet has a rich wine red shade that is extremely rare.
The dressing gown is fully silk lined and has a long adjustable waist-tie.

Burgundy velvet and navy blue silk dressing gown, 320,00 EUR

Mens red velvet robe dressing gown burgundy quilted silk smoking jacket

The Baturina Homewear dressing gowns and smoking jackets are made from luxurious limited edition fabrics and feature handcrafted details. These vintage-inspired robes make a great sartorial investment and every day lounge that will last for many years to come.

The designs can be customized with different fabrics from our collection or personalized with monogram embroidery.

Gallery of different designs from our previous collection

If you see a design that you like, just contact us to order:

velvet mens robe smoking jacket classic cotton dressing gown quilted warm soft luxury bathrobe english gentleman style elegant traditional

velvet mens dressing gown cotton warm lined classic quilted silk soft men smoking jacket robe elegant english gentleman

mens luxury velvet robe warm cotton sulka dressing gown classic luxury smoking jacket gentleman dandy british style vintage

mens velvet dressing gown dark navy blue warm long quilted silk collar gentleman's robe full length

mens smoking jacket traditional velvet cotton silk warm dressing gown gentleman style vintage smoker robe

mens velvet dressing gown long warm heavy cotton thick quilted robe smoking jacket

mens velvet dressing gown long warm quilted smoking jacket robe luxury housecoat

mens long black velvet dressing gown long warm cotton robe quilted silk collar full length gentlemans robes

gentlemans black velvet smoking jacket warm quilted silk collar smoking robe mens english robes

mens black velvet smoking jacket robe

View the full collection of dressing gowns and smoking jacket on our website:

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Luxury Dressing Gowns and Smoking Jackets by Baturina Homewear

Discover timeless style and luxurious comfort in Baturina Homewear's collections of dressing gowns, smoking jackets, pajamas and more. Inspired by vintage menswear, the traditional morning robe and classic PJs are reimagined as modern day luxury loungewear pieces.

Baturina Homewear's collections are valued for highest craftsmanship and timeless design. The company is a family business from Hamburg, Germany, founded in 2012. Ever since the Hamburg-based fashion studio became one of the top suppliers of high-end men's silk robes and pajamas.
The garments are made from luxurious silk jacquard, cotton velvet and wool in timelessly elegant paisley patterns and rich colors. Each design is made with love for details and showcases hand-stitched quilting, piping, tassels and monogram embroidery.

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